Spandex Men's Briefs

The perfect one is out there!

Our job is to help you find the best fitting, hottest looking and most exciting spandex briefs. All the men and women that work at our site are into wearing spandex. My job (which I love) is to try on the hottest spandex men's briefs and tell you about them. If you are into the spandex scene already we will turn you on to new and interesting new styles and designs that will amaze you. If you are just getting into the spandex scene be prepared to be blown away. There are so many different styles now available to men. It used to be the only hot spandex designs were for the girls but that has completely turned around. New styles for men have exploded and there are hundreds of wild and sexy brief designs in swimwear, underwear and workout wear creations that are made to mold to the body like a second skin.

Finding your dream spandex men's brief

Spandex men's briefs are the ultimate fitting designs. Spandex swimwear
briefs can be duel purpose most are designed as swimwear but many men
love the fit and comfort and use spandex men's briefs as underwear too.
Spandex briefs come in thong styles, G-string styles, pouch only
styles, G-string styles and of course bikini styles of all kinds.
Some of the hottest micro briefs are completely sheer. Many men
are wearing sheer designs at beaches through out Europe. These exciting
designs are not for shy guys since they show it all, everything right
out front for everyone to see. These designs are for real exhibitionist.
I have seen men wearing completely sheer G-strings, thongs and bikinis
on the beaches of Los Angeles and Miami. I am not sure they are even
legal since in many ways they are more revealing then being nude. Some
of the wildest sheer designs incorporate adjustable cock rings that show
the equipment in a larger then life fashion. Guys look absolutely huge
in these suits. On the other end of the men's briefs designs are
the male to female transformation suits. These designs make a man look
exactly like a girl, flat as can be where it counts and some of the more
extreme micro briefs that are the fem styles that duplicate the
look of a girls camel toe pouch, tiny lips and all. It is unreal how
these designs change a man into a women. This look is very edgy, sexy
and arousing.  Back to the other side of spandex men's swimwear are the
ultra pouch design suits that are created to show a man completely hard.
Completely erect with the shaft facing out so everyone can see your
size. You might think that only guys with large cocks would want to show
off wearing these designs but the guys at Koala told us that many men
that are very small love to show what they have too. Part of the fun is
not being concerned about the size and just going all out to  be seen.
Spandex lycra briefs are available as pouch only designs. Suits made for
the beach that cover nothing but your equipment. Not real front coverage
other then the tiny pouch, no rear coverage at all these designs are
perfect for nudist that do not have access to nude beaches. The newest
best selling designs are the most extreme I have ever seen. Before I
give you the details I want you to know that these extreme designs are
used by gay men, bi men and straight men. Many guys ask if they are used
just by gay men and the answer is no. I am straight and these new
designs just blow me away. I needed practice to use them but once I
trained myself, yes it does take's some training when you are not used
to it but anything this much fun is worth the challenge. At this point
you may be wondering what type of spandex men's briefs I am talking
about. They are the new Koala anal suits. These suits look just like
normal micro bikinis and thongs but the difference is hidden away. Some
of the designs incorporate anal plugs to hold the rear in place and
others use anal beads, balls that are about an inch across that are
pushed into your hole and stay there holding the end of the suit in
place. The effect is that the pouch on the rear are not connect but you
are the only one who knows. That is unless you are laying out and your
legs are spread. Then people checking you out may not be able to figure
out where the suit ends;